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Doctors' Indemnity Insurance is Underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance (BHSI) via TEGO Insurance Pty Ltd.

What makes the BHSI claims approach different?

  • BHSI strive for simplicity over complexity. No committees. No complex internal workings or boards. They employ committed claims specialists and empower them so that they can work with you to achieve strong results.
  • BHSI understand that your professional reputation is important. They encourage you to contact us early so that we can guide you and minimise the impact on your reputation and day-to-day practice.
  • Results focused, cost effective claims management. Litigation and complaints are stressful for medical practitioners. BHSI strive to move you through the claim or complaint quickly and strategically. Where a claim is for defence, BHSI work with you so that you understand the process every step of the way.
  • BHSI encourages honest and open communication. Our relationships are important to us.
  • BHSI offer medico-legal advisory services when you need them 24/7.
  • BHSI are highly responsive to a changing healthcare environment.
  • BHSI partner with brokers such as Doctors' Indemnity Insurance, solicitors and experts that share our values.

What should I notify?

We encourage you to contact BHSI early so that we can help you to minimise the impact of a claim or complaint on your reputation and day-to-day practice. We underĀ­stand that your professional reputation is important.

Contact BHSI if any of the following occurs:

  1. Service of court documents, especially a statement of claim or summons;
  2. Receipt of a complaint from AHPRA, Medical Council or Board, Healthcare Complaints Commission or the like;
  3. Complaints from a patient either verbal or in writing;
  4. Deaths that have been reported to the Coroner and where you have been closely involved in the care of the deceased patient;
  5. Request from police seeking documents or a statement;
  6. Receipt of correspondence from Medicare regarding provider numbers, item usage or audits;
  7. Receipt of correspondence from a private health insurer querying charges, notifying of an audit or advising of a change in provider status;
  8. Receipt of a request for medical records, whether from a patient, a third party or a subpoena;
  9. A solicitor contacts you requesting a report or meeting about your medical management of their client; or
  10. Comments on social or print media that you consider could be defamatory.

Other notifications

Given the nature of medical practice, it can be difficult to determine which incidents to notify to us. Incidents that may develop into a complaint or claim should also be notified to BHSI within the relevant policy period. It is not however necessary to notify every adverse incident.

As a guide, we suggest that you notify the following types of events:

  1. Birth defects that were not anticipated;
  2. Catastrophic outcomes including brain damage and paraplegia;
  3. Unexpected outcomes, particularly where the patient or their family may make a complaint;
  4. Loss or impairment of the senses;
  5. Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis which has resulted in a reduced lifespan of the patient;
  6. Significant disfigurement or loss of limb.

Doctors' Indemnity Insurance is also available should you need a more personal guidance to assist you with any of the above. Simply call 1300 766 476.


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